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Elevance Health and BCBSLA Join Forces for Better Health in Louisiana

The partnership between Elevance Health and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana (BCBSLA) stands as a key initiative aimed at improving health outcomes across Louisiana. The state is confronted with notable health issues, evidenced by its lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality rates, obesity prevalence, and the widespread occurrence of chronic diseases, all of which lag behind national averages. This situation highlights the critical demand for significant enhancements in the accessibility, affordability, and overall quality of healthcare within the state.

Elevance Health and BCBSLA's partnership represents a prime opportunity to bridge the health disparity gap between Louisiana and the rest of the country. This alliance aims to boost health outcomes and make healthcare more affordable for Louisianians, leveraging Elevance Health's extensive national capabilities and technological advancements, alongside BCBSLA's trusted, local care.

Benefits of this Partnership

The Elevance Health-BCBSLA partnership is set to significantly enhance the benefits and resources available to BCBSLA members, leveraging Elevance Health’s wide-ranging national expertise while maintaining a focus on local delivery. This collaboration is designed to uphold BCBSLA’s longstanding tradition of serving Louisiana’s communities, ensuring that leadership remains locally based to address the specific needs of diverse communities across the state, from Ruston to New Orleans.

This alliance will offer members more cost-effective and convenient healthcare options. Through access to Elevance Health's cutting-edge capabilities and services, the partnership aims to curb the increasing healthcare costs and make medical services more accessible. Key enhancements include behavioral health services, digital-first healthcare solutions for easier management of health care, advocacy services to help members navigate the healthcare system more effectively, and specialized programs for managing complex and chronic conditions. Many of these services will be accessible directly through smartphones, making healthcare management more integrated into members' daily lives.

Notably, the transition to this partnership will not affect BCBSLA’s provider networks. Members will retain their current healthcare providers, ensuring continuity with access to an extensive network of doctors and hospitals nationwide. 

The collaboration will also lead to the creation of a new nonprofit entity focused on enhancing the health and well-being of Louisiana's residents, continuing BCBSLA's longstanding, mission-driven legacy in the state.

This Elevance Health-BCBSLA partnership is more than just a joint effort; it's a commitment to improving health in Louisiana for future generations, building upon BCBSLA's nine-decade legacy with enhanced support, innovation, and expanded options for consumers, families, and employers across the state. This initiative represents a new era in healthcare for Louisiana, emphasizing our dedication to a healthier future. 



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