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Rural America Faces Economic Injustice

The rural-urban divide in America has long been a source of economic injustice, particularly in regards to race-based disparities.

Rural America

Rural communities, particularly those with a large minority population, are often more disadvantaged than their urban counterparts. This is due in part to structural inequalities, such as limited access to resources, capital, and education. These disadvantages are further exacerbated by myths about poverty and race, which paint minorities as the sole cause of poverty, rather than recognizing the systemic forces that keep rural communities and people of color economically disadvantaged. This perpetuates the notion that poverty is an individual problem, and ignores the role of policy in addressing economic injustice. To ensure that all communities are able to access the resources they need to thrive, policymakers must work to combat these myths and create equitable policies that address the root causes of economic injustice.



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